Ben Sosa Wright
Ben Sosa Wright is a pretty stand-up comedian, writer, and improviser from Toronto. A self-identified “Taurus Icon,” Ben grounds his kooky style by incorporating his experiences as a Queer and Latinx person. At 24 years old he’s already graced the stages of JFL42, NXNE, Limestone Comedy Festival, Toronto's Big City Improv Festival, Bruce McCulloch’s Young Stars Showcase, and The Museum of Comedy in London, and has been featured in Reader’s Digest. Ben was named as a “Canadian Comedian to Watch In 2019” by CBC. His silly writing can be found on Brunchclub.ca. When Ben is not on stage you can catch him stealing candy at Bulk Barn and NOT getting caught for it.

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Killed to Death (7)

Killed to Death
Oct 07 2022 Guest

Ben Sosa Wright and Ted Levine

The guys welcome one of their most famous guests to date, Marilyn Monroe (Ben Sosa Wright). She talks about ghost powers, Jupiter, TIFF, and finding Ben Affleck's corpse behind an A&W.
Jan 28 2022 Guest

Ben Sosa Wright and Courtney Campbell

Chartreuse (Ben Sosa Wright) is a horse riding instructor (as part of her duties as an NHL Coach).
Jun 11 2021 Guest

Ben Sosa Wright and Matthew McConaughey

Star of countless films Rachel McAdams (Ben Sosa Wright) finds a body in her Toronto neighbourhood. Along with iconic actor Matthew McConaughey, they talk about how they like coffee, famous quotes, and whosdatedwho.com.
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