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  • Dec 20 2021

    Death Cab For Cutie (ft. Public Works)

    Please don’t read into this…
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  • Apr 26 2021

    Ep. 282 – Public Works

    The Spooky Rowboat
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  • Mar 20 2020

    Liz Johnston And Callum Wratten

    This week, Griffin frustrates Shayleen Marquis (Liz Johnston), with the help of guest co-host Callum. They talk about essential oils, foods that hurt you, Comic Con, and also a body Shayleen found on the bus ride to camp.
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  • Apr 24 2019

    Episode 22 – Mamma Mia 2

    HERE WE GO AGAIN. Callum is back and we talk about the famous greek tragedy about too many dads. We have fun and ask tough questions about pulling out. Please leave a 5 star review with your preferred pull out...
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  • Dec 05 2018

    Episode – Mama Mia

    ABBA sings. Vite loves Ms. Streep. Alex is bored. Callum hates how they changed ABBA. Everyone has a good time.
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  • Dec 05 2018

    Episode 3 – Mama Mia

    We watch the ABBA jukebox musical which disappoints everyone but Vite. Alex is bored and annoyed. We are joined by Callum Wratten, Beaverton writer and resident australian and ABBA expert.
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  • Jul 28 2017

    Callum Wratten And Jenine

    Chad Dickwood (Callum Wratten), host of Hammerin' Stuff, the home reno show on HGTV3, was doing exactly that when he discovered a corpse in the wall. The man was Kyle Wilmore, the house was his ex-wife Jenine's, and Tim the...
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  • Feb 10 2017

    JB, Matt McCready, and Callum Wratten

    It's the Valentine's episode, and two world famous couples are gracing the mic of The Bed Post Podcast: Jess Bryson and Callum Wratten, as well as host Erin Pim's hubby, Matt McCready. Listen along as these goofballs talk about sex...
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  • Feb 05 2016

    Callum Wratten (Captain Forest) And Doug Freeman

    Marcus Doyle is found dead in the woods (the storage room at Casa Loma), and Callum Wratten (Captain Forest) (Callum Wratten) luckily geocached his way into finding it. He talks about the art of geocaching, as well as his time...
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  • Jan 19 2016

    106: Space Jam – with Callum Wratten

    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Space Jam” Featuring the hilarious Callum Wratten! Famous Quote: "What do you mean 'This last bit'?"
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