Chris Locke
Chris is an award winning stand up comedian who has two hit albums out on itunes and Spotify and can be seen regularly at the Just For Laughs festivals in Montreal and Toronto. He can also been seen on Baroness Von Sketch, Mr. D., Tallboyz, Working Moms, and can be heard on CBC’s Debaters, and SiriusXM.

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Killed to Death (5)

Killed to Death
May 27 2022 Guest

Chris Locke and Ashford

You might recognize tennis doctor/player Dr. Gumbo (Chris Locke) from his podcast OGAFBWDG - or, from finding his tennis partner dead on the court.
Oct 23 2020 Guest

Chris Locke and Esmeralda Pony

Troy Fudge (Chris Locke), a beekeeper and male vocalist that never sings words, has found a body in his apiary, and it could be the Vietnam veteran he's been impersonating.
Jan 04 2019 Guest

Chris Locke And Tortuga

In a butcher shop in the meat zone of an orphanage, a body is found in the walk in freezer. Rob Zombmeat (Chris Locke), butcher, tries to understand what happened to the town vigilante.
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The Landlord and Tenant Podmess (16)

The Landlord and Tenant Podmess
Jun 19 2021 Guest

Evil Men – Coming June 30th!

Jun 09 2021 Guest

A Magnificent Celebration with Chris Locke!

Apr 06 2021 Guest

Help! We’re Trapped in a Dungeon w/ Chris Locke!

A few weeks ago, James and Michael gave you a chance to hear the pilot of a show called Evil Men. This week, they’re giving you the chance to hear the pilot of ANOTHER podcast they recorded with Chris Locke.
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