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  • Jun 14 2022

    Chapter 19. Horatio Nelson, or: The Naval Gaze

    Clare Blackwood joins me for the tale of Lord Admiral Nelson: commander of the Royal Navy, hero of the Napoleonic Wars, deadbeat husband. Listen to the story of a man who left everything on the field, including an arm, most...
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  • Nov 01 2021

    89 – Best Wishes – Temperature

    We are joined by Ryan Hughes and Clare Blackwood to debate never getting too hot versus never getting too cold.
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  • Sep 06 2021

    82 – Be An Avenger (Season 4 Premiere)

    To kick off Season 4, Maddox is joined by Clare Blackwood and Ryan Hughes to discuss becoming the newest Avengers: Goopy, Bard, and Bait.
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  • Jul 28 2020

    The Laundromat

    Travis (Jake Martin) and Denise (Clare Blackwood) are a divorced couple trying to navigate living in the same building.
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  • May 11 2020

    Into The Woods (2014)

    Next in our movie review series is Into The Woods (2014) discussed with Clare Blackwood and Cody Crain. It's the musical that mashes a bunch of fairy tales together and all plot events occur "because magic!"
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  • Jan 20 2020

    68 – Unicorn

    In this episode, we are joined by Clare Blackwood and Chris Leveille to discuss the wish "I wish I had a unicorn. The discussion that follows covers rainbow vomit, totalitarian propaganda, and harvesting spell components.
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  • Dec 02 2019

    63 – Destroy Plastic Waste

    In this episode, we are joined by Clare Blackwood and Chris Leveille to discuss the wish, "I wish to eliminate all plastic waste" The discussion that follows covers exploding whales, used tampons, and the Sand Mafia.
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