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  • Jul 21 2021

    S01E07: Night Calling – A Husband Calls In

    A husband calls in seeking advice from Teri. The long running syndicated late night call-in show “ Night Calling with Teri” is now a proud Public Access Podcast!
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  • Apr 23 2021

    Darren Springer and Greg Bartola

    Machine repairman Sam McGillicuddy (Darren Springer) works at an IQ testing facility, and makes $80,000 a year. He finds the body of a regular near a missing statue, and fingers are pointed at one incompetent employee.
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  • Mar 10 2021

    Full Throttle with Darren Springer!

    Our guest is comedian and writer Darren Springer, who joins us from Winnipeg to discuss Britcoms, Bob Hope, Tim Allen, grunge and MORE!
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  • Jun 12 2020

    Episode 150 – Our 1500th Episode

    Hi. This week, James and Michael celebrate their podcasting sesquicentennial. Then, it’s time for the debut of the exciting new segment “Things We’ve Learned From Doing 150 Podcast Episodes.”
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  • Jan 03 2019

    Classic Moments VOL. 2

    Oh wow, it’s the second instalment of the show’s finest moments!
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  • Jul 24 2018

    A Celebration of Life with Darren Springer & Jackie Pirico

    Our guests this week are edgy Catholic Priest Darren Springer and funeral home director Jackie Pirico, who discuss a wide variety of heavy and light subjects, including: life, death, God, The Offspring, being afraid, ghosts, drugs and celeb crushes.
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  • Jan 26 2018

    Darren Springer And Urquhart Van Hammon

    Todd Browning (Darren Springer) is the curator at the RGAG, an art gallery and grill. A body is discovered that morning - turning out to be his cousin, Josh. Urquhart Van Hammon, artist behind the current exhibit, and 5'9 years...
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  • Jan 15 2018

    Roman Catholic Priest Darren Springer

    Unconventional Toronto priest Father Darren Springer stops by to offer Michael some constructive criticism and bond with James.
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  • Jan 15 2016

    Darren Springer And Colin Crumsky

    When Richard Hell (Darren Springer) returned from his California bowling/women/Charles Manson vacation, he found a surprise - a body in his suitcase. And when pilot Colin Crumsky shows up, a larger conspiracy involving Tim Allen, cocaine, immortality and someone named...
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  • Aug 31 2015

    Darren Springer And Allan Boyd

    When one of the skeleton’s in Mr. Krippendorf’s (Darren Springer) haunted house turns out to be real, the boys try to lend some help - as does Allan Boyd (almost Bob Dylan), a man with an eyepatch and Memento disease.
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