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  • Aug 20 2020

    Settling Scores with Dave Shumka!

    Our guest is podcaster and rosé lover Dave Shumka, who joins us all the way from the western part of Canada.
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  • Jul 05 2020

    S1E131 Dave Shumka on Eggs

    This week we're joined by comedian and co-host of Stop Podcasting Yourself, Dave Shumka! We talk eggs, first dates, and chicken sex. Then Dave favours us with another edition of Two Truths and a Lie.
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  • Jul 04 2018

    The West Coast Podcaster Dave Shumka

    Our guest is Dave Shumka from the west coast, who stops by to talk about the following topics: - the baseball movie Major League - Count Dracula - Jerry Seinfeld - Steven Seagal - Lenny Kravtiz’s penis - Blind Melon...
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  • Jan 05 2018

    Dave Shumka

    Dave Shumka is a smart, funny man who is the co-host and co-creator, along with Graham Clark, of Stop Podcasting Yourself. Canada's most successful comedy podcast (what!?), and it's also famous throughout the world, for good reason.
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