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Merge Boot, A Survivor Podcast (6)

Merge Boot, A Survivor Podcast
Nov 16 2023 Guest

Season 45- Ep. 8 (Recap) Ft. Jeremy Lalonde

Filmaker Jeremy Lalonde returns this week to breakdown the latest episode. It comes with controversy as the Kellie conflict finally comes to an end with Joel and Cody. What did you think of this latest episode? Let us know!
Jun 16 2023 Guest

New Era Second Chances Draft (41-44)

Joel, Cody and guest Jeremy Lalonde draft their tribes for a second chances season using only new era players. Who has the best tribe? Who should win? Who did we leave off? Let us know!
May 10 2023 Guest

Season 44- Ep. 11

Cody and Jeremy breakdown the latest episode as well as Jeremys latest survivor binge. It's a night of nerding out over survivor. Let us know what you thought of the latest episode? Who's going home next week? Whos your winner pick?
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