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  • Apr 23 2019

    The Professional Esthetician Laura Cilevitz

    Our guest is the professional esthetician Laura Cilevitz, who stops by to talk about feet, hair, waxing and skin.
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  • Nov 26 2018

    A Relationship Expert Helps Andy

    Andy gets help with his love life from relationship expert, Donna Lovelong.
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  • Oct 29 2018

    7 – A Date With Fate

    Lindsay and her guests get spooky and mystical in their search for meaning in the universe. Coincidences, curses, and the power of tarot are explored in this bone-chilling episode! Guests include: Daphney Joseph, Laura Cilevitz, Gwynne Phillips, Emily Poulin, and...
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  • Feb 24 2017

    Laura Cilevitz

    In this episode, the lovely Laura Cilevitz talks with host Erin Pim about the best albums to make love to, masturbating in the shower, and the problems with porno.
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