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  • Jan 07 2020

    Episode 7.131: Mark Little & Nile Séguin

    We’re back with our first pod of the ’20s! Raps are grinding away through the injuries and sit at 24-12. Raps: Tied for 15th on O, 4th on D and 6th in net rating. Is this who the Raptors are?...
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  • Jan 03 2020

    A Very Special Episode w/ Mark Little | Fckgirls Episode 68

    This week are joined by comedian Mark Little! We are very lucky to have him on! He teaches us what a "very specail epsiode is" and then we have one! Also Happy New Year everyone, hope you are having fun...
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  • Jan 03 2020

    Live At Bad Dog

    A man is found in his bed. A squirt salesman, a thief, and a goo, help. With guests Mark Little, Everardo Ramirez, and Ana-Marija Stojic.
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  • Jul 19 2019

    Mark Little And Jack Sparrow?

    Professional poker player Fester Conroy (Mark Little), finds the body of competitor Fester St. Clair in the laundry room of their Jack Sparrow themed Las Vegas hotel/casino. An employee of the hotel also drops in, in character, to try to...
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  • Jun 24 2019

    Ep. 193 – Mark Little 2

    The Spooky Giant
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  • Feb 23 2018

    Mark Little And Gordon

    Greg Weatherbottom, star of youth hockey in the 'Sue, is found dead, centre ice. Dougie Weatherbottom (Mark Little), no relation, is a youth hockey enthusiast, trying to figure out what happened to the best kid on the ice, and the...
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  • Jan 14 2018

    Episode 5.55: Mark Little & Andre De Pape

    Ep 55, Raptors are 29-11 before the big Golden State game. Are they gonna still be flying high from the big Cavs win or is JV's chip belly out of control? Special guests this week: Mark Little and Andre De...
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  • Dec 14 2016

    Episode 4.38: Mark Little, Patrick Ronan Stewart, & Katie Heindl

    Episode 38 is here and we're delivering a festive special with a Toblerone, none of that Lindor goo! Special guests this week: Patrick Ronan Stewart, Katie Heindl, and Mark Little!
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  • Sep 19 2016

    The 1 Year Anniversary Spooktacular! Pt. 2

    Are you guys ready for part two of our One Year Spooktacular? You better be! Part Two features; Raul Delgado, Clare McConnell, Tony Nappo, Chris Wilson, Dean Young, Briana Templeton, Gwynne Phillips, Mark Little, and Kevin Vidal! We round out...
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  • Mar 28 2016

    Ep. 26 Mark Little

    The Spooky Flight Lounge! On today's Spooked! Cody has many jobs, Mark Little (Mr.D, Picnicface, Conan) calls out phonies, Nigel gets adopted, Damien steals a child, and Colin is a tar monster. Also did we mention Mark Little? Check it...
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  • Dec 06 2015

    Episode 3.23: Mark Little & Steven Mann

    We know our role (unlike James Johnson), which is to hit you back with another hot ep! Special guests: Comedian Mark Little and the great Toronto casting director, Steven Mann!
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  • Jul 01 2015

    Mark Little Live in Calgary

    Mark Little is a multi-talented stand up, sketch, and improv and constantly writing crazy stuff comedian. You've seen him on Just For Laughs, Conan, Mr. D, Picnicface, Space Riders, and Dad Drives.
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  • Apr 17 2015

    Episode 2.11: Mark Little & Thomas Rivas

    It’s the PLAYOFFS! We made it. Big playoff preview on this one! Mark Little and Thomas Rivas help pull apart the match-ups.
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  • Dec 17 2014

    Episode 2.04: Mark Little

    It’s our last show before the holidays and we’re ready to eat platefuls of gravy-topped stuffing like Raptors’ star player, Chuck Hayes. This week we welcome comedian Mark Little on the show!
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