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Martha Stortz

Appeared on

  • Jun 02 2022

    5 Things with Rosh Abdullah (ft. Martha Stortz)

    For casual comedy fans and hardcore nerds alike, 5 THINGS takes some of the biggest and brightest stars of the comedy community and asks them five questions about their approach to art, work, and life as a comedian.
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  • Nov 07 2019

    How to Build an Improv Company

    In this episode, Rob talks with two entrepreneurs who are building parallel improv companies in two very different countries.
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  • Jun 14 2019


    Several guests help stop a serial killer. With Matt Folliott, Chris Leveille, Martha Stortz, Meg MacKay and Tim Blair.
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  • Mar 17 2017

    Martha Stortz And Garfield

    Eleanor Hueser (Martha Stortz) finds the body of Lou Shush in an elevator - the elevator of the Barrie Costco - and Lou's complicated backstory with both Eleanor and Garfield the Cat unravels. Eleanor talks Cosplaying as a bottle of...
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  • Apr 27 2015

    071: Leprechaun – with Martha Stortz

    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Leprechaun”. Featuring Martha Stortz Famous Quote: “Here’s a little something … from the FUTURE!”
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