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Pearle Harbour

An all-American gal who's sweet-as-pie and sharp-as-nails, Pearle Harbour was born on [information withheld], when America was still Great. During the War, she served as a stewardess aboard top-secret bomber missions, including [information withheld], and even [information withheld]!

An accomplished soloist - on the boards and in the sheets - Pearle’s original works have been presented across Canada to widespread critical and audience acclaim. She is an artist-in-residence at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre.

Accolades include the Audience Choice Award (SummerWorks), the Jon Kaplan Legacy Fund for a Canadian Stage Performer, Outstanding Solo Performance (My Entertainment World), Favourite Lead Performance (Hart House Subscribers’ Choice Award), and Dora Mavor-Moore Award nominations for Outstanding Performance and Outstanding Costume Design.


Appeared on

  • Sep 26 2017

    Squirrel Talk! Feat. PEARLE HARBOUR!

    Canadian drag queens Vicki Lix and Ivory Towers are joined by theatre exclusive throwback character comedienne, Pearle Harbour! Together they talk eyebrows, clowns vs. mimes, failing miserably, small town drama, and HEDVIG!
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