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  • Nov 01 2021

    89 – Best Wishes – Temperature

    We are joined by Ryan Hughes and Clare Blackwood to debate never getting too hot versus never getting too cold.
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  • Sep 06 2021

    82 – Be An Avenger (Season 4 Premiere)

    To kick off Season 4, Maddox is joined by Clare Blackwood and Ryan Hughes to discuss becoming the newest Avengers: Goopy, Bard, and Bait.
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  • Jun 01 2020

    Batarang 2

    Another special Batarang episode with all new scenes. Dare I say, silly-er than the last. I took twelve improv comedians, recorded improvised scenes over the internet, and then edited them into the short comedic radio plays you are about to...
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  • May 04 2020

    Bedazzled (2000)

    Next in our series of film reviews is Bedazzled (2000) about the devil granting an incel version of Brendan Fraiser wishes.I discuss it with Kyle Scott and Ryan Hughes.
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  • Apr 17 2020

    The Batarang – Bonus Episode

    I took a group of eager volunteers, invited them into a web chat, and asked them to perform in pairs. We performed these scene and then I edited them, adding sound effects and trimming the internet delay.
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