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Spencer Litzinger

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  • May 06 2019

    46 – Don’t Need Sleep

    In this episode, we are joined by Mark Shyzer and Spencer Litzinger to discuss the wish, "I wish I didn't need sleep." The discussion that follows covers long baths, after shows, and catching up on Netflix.
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  • Apr 15 2019

    43 – Can’t Get Stains

    In this episode, we are joined by Mark Shyzer and Spencer Litzinger to discuss the wish, "I wish I couldn't get stains" The discussion that follows covers pit-stains, messy mail and inappropriate screams. 
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  • Mar 25 2019

    11 – Bullying

    Lindsay and her guests reopen some childhood wounds in this episode all about bullying. Guest include: Jonathan Shatzky, Spencer Litzinger, Johnnie Walker, and Morgan Norwich.
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  • Mar 11 2019

    38 – The Singing Voice I Want

    In this episode, we are joined by Mark Shyzer and Spencer Litzinger to discuss the wish, "I wish I had the singing voice I wanted instead of the one I have." The discussion that follows covers karaoke, saying your sorry,...
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  • Dec 12 2018

    The Dive Bar

    Maddox Campbell and Spencer Litzinger are husband and wife running their very own dive bar. The couple close up shop after a quiet night, but can't get out the door. Perhaps those teenagers they refused to serve earlier have a...
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  • Oct 31 2018

    Halloween Special – The Full Monkey Paw

    In this special episode, I sit down with Spencer Litzinger and Shannon Lahaie to try to come up with unbalanced costs to previous episodes's wishes, making them as terrible as possible.
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  • Dec 15 2017

    Laura Del Maschio, Spencer Litzinger And Leonard

    Rosemary and Thyme Basil (Laura Del Maschio and Spencer Litzinger), sisters and fellow operatives for an unknown intelligence agency, have watched their triplet fall to her death from their hotel. Skilled in mail fraud, alien possessions, and hip hop music,...
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  • Dec 01 2017

    Maria Sarakula

    It's Episode 106, and comedic performer Maria Sarakula is in the house. Tune in to hear host Erin Pim and Maria talk about multitasking while masturbating, taking bizarre nude pics on purpose, and their experiences of abuse in relationships.
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  • Dec 30 2016

    Spencer Litzinger And Headmastress

    Stacey, British orphan (Spencer Litzinger), has had her crush - and fellow orphan - found dead. She talks about a mysterious drug, a strip club, and her lack of a certain asset. Later on, two British people yell at each...
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