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  • Oct 03 2021

    S3E14 Featuring Stacey McGunnigle

    This episode was recorded during a live stream on Thursday, September 16th, 2021. HUNKS chatted with the latest cast member of This Hour Has 22 Minutes - Stacey McGunnigle. Grab your potatoes and sink your sweet tooth into this sugary...
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  • Aug 30 2021

    Chapter 8. 19th Century Surgeons, or: Time Me Gentlemen, Time Me

    Comedian Stacey McGunnigle is here to learn about Sir William Ferguson, Scottish surgeon, and stares aghast as we cut open and examine the world of surgery in 1800s London!
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  • Jul 29 2021

    …Because How Did Space Jam 2 Get Made?

    This time the podcast is different because we do an episode of How Did This Get Made? With Stacey McGunnigle. We talk about our review of Space Jam 2! We're later joined by Peter's Nephew Kyle!
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  • Jul 09 2021

    Stacey McGunnigle and Sam

    Sharon (Stacey McGunnigle) finds a body during a music festival at Wasaga Beach. It turns out to be more of a family gathering of a few suspicious members, one of whom drops by. Also investigated is Sharon's pink eye.
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  • Feb 25 2021

    Stacey McGunnigle

    This week Tricia sits down with pal, comedian and soon-to-be model influencer Stacey McGunnigle! These two buds laugh their way through a chat about everything from online shopping, Garth Brooks and their thoughts on THE NIGHT!
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  • Feb 14 2021

    S2E4 Stacey McGunnigle: A Pants Load

    This week on The HUNKS Podcast, we get to know the hilarious Stacey McGunnigle! We talk get-rich-quick schemes, Only Fans, and Tim and Dana give out their long-awaited review of Kevin Costner's Waterworld.
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  • Dec 16 2020

    …Holiday Calls w/ Chris Locke and Stacey McGunnigle

    Peter and Chris welcome in the holidays by checking in on previous guests including; Peter's Nephew Kyle (Stacey McGunnigle) , and Tonby (Chris Locke)!
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  • Nov 18 2020

    …because it’s a Celebrity Telethon for Trees

    Peter and Chris decide to host celebrity telethon to raise money for trees. With comedians Chris Locke, Caitlin Howden, Stacey McGunnigle, Liz Johnston, Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll, and Gwynne Phillips. You too can listen and donate!
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  • Nov 11 2020

    …because Peter’s Nephew Takes Over

    Peter and Chris are joined by Peter's 12 year old nephew Kyle, who takes over the podcast. (Stacey McGunnigle -- Second City, The Regulars Podcast)
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  • Oct 20 2020

    The Space Station

    Peter (Jason DeRosse) and Angela (Stacey McGunnigle) could not have picked a worse time to end their relationship.
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  • Mar 16 2020

    Ep. 229 – Stacey McGunnigle

    The Spooky Codes Today on Spooked! Damien is trying to get to Iowa, Cody never washes his hands, Jessica tries to make the internet a nicer place, and Stacey has a great time in Venice. It's all about surfing the...
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  • Mar 06 2020

    Stacey McGunnigle And Sam Hancock

    General manager of Dunks Brewery Tiffany Jevins (Stacey McGunningle) finds a body in the vat of lake beer. Corpse still tight as hell.
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  • Jan 07 2020

    A Young Fan Helps Andy

    Kyle, a young My Gorgeous Son super fan, returns to share his wisdom.
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  • Oct 01 2019

    My Gorgeous Son – Live at JFL42

    Rollie gets Andy a slot at JFL42 and connects him with industry insiders like a volunteer from the fest, a headlining comedian, and a positive rapper.
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  • Sep 26 2019

    Episode 38 – Dirty Dancing w/ Stacey McGunnigle

    We are joined by Stacey McGunnigle and watch a "movie" or music video collection. Vite has strong opinions on the hottness of Patrick Swayze and Alex talks about pedophiles. This is episode is really good.
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  • Apr 08 2019

    12 – My First Time

    Lindsay and her guests chat about their first time experiences (sexual and otherwise). Guest include: Ryan Belleville, Sarah Stunt, Stacey McGunnigle, and Chris Wilson.
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  • Sep 19 2018

    The Event Planner Stacey McGunnigle

    Our guest is Stacey McGunnigle, who stops by to chat about the exciting world of event planning, fashion and everything in between!
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  • Feb 13 2018

    177: She’s All That – with Stacey McGunnigle

    Listen this week as the Nice Guys flawlessly recreate the 90s teen classic "She's All That" along with their unbelievably talented guest Stacey McGunnigle. You can catch Stacey on Second City Mainstage in Toronto or her incredible podcast "Regular Girls"!
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  • Aug 20 2015

    Women in Comedy

    This week Rob Norman does his best impression of Ira Glass! It’s an entire episode dedicated to the stories of funny women across North America: Stacey Hallal (Portland), Stacey McGunnigle (Los Angeles), Jan Caruana (Toronto), Ashley Botting (Toronto), Susan Messing...
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