Synthia Kiss
People have asked Synthia the same question for years, do blondes really have more fun? Yes. And if you are not blonde, you really should consider it. If you are reading this and have never felt the (strangely addictive) sensation of bleach burning your scalp to become a bottle blonde, we at Synthia Kiss Entertainment Inc. highly recommend it. Or if that sounds like too much, no worries gorge! We’ve got a decent wig connection too. We put the “Synth” in Synthetic Double-stacked wigs! For it’s the blonde blow-out hair that turns a cousin “it” into an “it” girl. That’s just science! Hailing all the way from ‘lil Peterborough, Ontario, Synthia Kiss left her hometown to chase her dreams, her vices, and because there is not nearly enough attention to be gained in a small town. Raised by a family of powerful women and gay men, Synthia Kiss has the contour of a supermodel and the charisma of a Will & Grace episode – the original not the remake. buckle up baby because SHE IS THE MOMENT. Love or loathe her, she fights off haters with a tactical balance of pin-wheel spins on the dance floor, sassy come-backs, and cannabis at the meet and greets #syntiva. She’s also a wizard with words!
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