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Tawny Platis

Tawny Platis is a voice actor, comedian, and influencer. She also created the Dirty Bits Podcast with her late husband, George. He passed away on November 8, 2019, in their home due to complications associated with a heart condition (hypoplastic right heart syndrome) and a respiratory disease (mycobacterium avium complex). Now Tawny chats with others about using dark humor to cope with grief on her podcast Death Is Hilarious.

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  • Jun 03 2021

    Episode 03. ✨Grief vibes only✨ (with Tawny Platis)

    This week, Shohana chats about toxic positivity, hyper-specific support groups, and the link between grief and comedy with Tawny Platis, host of the dark comedy podcast Death is Hilarious. Follow Finders Grievers on Instagram & Twitter @findersgrievers
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