Jun 01 2021

June Guest of the Month: TOM HEARN

Tom Hearn is a Canadian Comedy Award winning sketch comedian, improvisor and producer. Pre-Pandemic you could catch him in the hit improv show Hookup, his sold-out original hit Lipsynced or all over Canada and the United States with his 5-star reviewed solo show “SLANG”.

During the Pandemic Tom has carved out a space for himself online creating sketches and content for his YouTube page and hosting/playing in shows like Theatresports, The Oval and Hookup on Bad Dog Comedy TV. Tom also has begun to step out in drag as Hunni Krüller!

Tom has appeared on several Sonar shows, you can check out all his episodes here: thesonarnetwork.com/people/tom-hearn

We asked Tom a few questions:

🟢 Q: What is one thing you’d tell your 8-year-old self?

🟣 A: That you don’t need to act like playing Barbies with your sister is doing HER a favour. It’s fun. You like it. Also stop drinking pop.

🟢 Q: What inanimate object would you like to have a conversation with?

🟣 A: My hair. I wanna know why it’s always acting up when all i’m trying to do is make us look good. Why are you receding? Why won’t you floop right?

🟢 Q: What’s the best Wi-Fi name you’ve ever seen?

🟣 A: Ours used to be “Router I Barely Know Her!” but my fave has to be “Bell48”.

🟢 Q: What’s a conspiracy theory you’d like to start?

🟣 A: That I bought #R9 (Rihanna’s 9th studio album… in case YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK) … And I’m the one not releasing it.

🟢 Q: What’s your favourite Sonar episode that you’ve done?

🟣 A: Ouuuwee! So many great pods on SONAR! Stand outs are any time I get to gab with my twin Tricia Black on One More Round and Nostalgique when i got to YACK about my queen Britney Spears!!!

🟢 Q: What do you have that people can check out now

🟣 A: Check out my YouTube page. I drop hot sketches when I feel like it and will be LIVE STREAMING a best of solo show LIVE from my backyard on June 26th with Ajahnis Charley called “Stay at Homo”. And peep my drag @misshunnikruller

Do you have a favourite guest? Let us know!

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