Apr 18 2023

WELCOME: It’s Become A Whole Thing!

It’s official! It’s Become a Whole Thing is now on The Sonar Network!

We’re thrilled to welcome viral TikTok sensation Emily Rose’s It’s Become a Whole Thing to our community!

On It’s Become A Whole Thing, Montreal’s Emily Rose offers a look at the best and worst moments of unscripted TV history, from cult documentaries to trashy early 2000s reality TV. It’s high-brow analysis of the low-brow trash we love. Emily’s charm lies in her ability to weave together hilarious analysis of the most vapid and addictive elements of pop culture with thoughtful, intelligent social commentary.

We’re launching the podcast on our network just one week before the launch of Emily Rose’s highly anticipated book, The Stuff I Hate – an anti-toxic positivity journal published by Simon & Schuster, releasing on April 25. 

Follow Emily Rose:
TikTok: @itsbecomeawholething

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