Aug 14 2023

A new podcast about TikTok!

Take a break from scrolling and check out For You Pod, a new podcast for people who love/hate TikTok and don’t really understand why.

Join comedian and content creator, Sam Sferrazza, and his best friend, Lucas [Last Name Redacted], as they attempt to unpack the latest trends and horrors of the world of TikTok. Each week on For You Pod, Sam and Lucas share TikToks with each other and talk through what’s making them laugh, cry, think, or go completely bonkers on their For You Page.

With 72,000 followers and counting, Sam Sferrazza (@samislaughing) is a self-proclaimed aspiring micro-influencer on TikTok and has carved out a niche with his viral videos about WaterTok and Early At The Airport Girlies. Lucas, by contrast, is trying to retreat from the internet and prefers to love and hate TikTok privately. The irony is not lost on Sam.

Like many of us, Sam and Lucas are dumbfounded by the seemingly benign content that captures so much of our attention online and they’re bringing that relatable confusion to For You Pod so we can all laugh, cry, and throw our hands up in frustration together. You can listen along on every podcast app.

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