Aug 21 2023

Peter Madrigal is joining Sonar in Toronto!

Peter Madrigal coming to FanExpo Canada 2023

On SATURDAY AUGUST 26, The Sonar Podcast Network invites you to join the Hollywood hilarity at the VANDERPUMP ROBS live podcast recording!

Come and meet the man who’s been there since the beginning. Peter is the handsome and lovable manager of SUR Restaurant (you know, the one who had the bulldozer birthday party?).
He’s joining us for a live taping of Vanderpump Robs to talk about how Vanderpump Rules has affected his life, what it was really like to go on a date with Rachel, his passion for film, and his unique approach to playing Skyrim.

1:30pm – 2:15pm – THEATRE #11 / Room 717
Vanderpump Rules star and SUR manager PETER MADRIGAL joins podcast host Rob Schulte to talk everything Hollywood, from #PumpRules to the weirdest California-based TV. Expect laughter, engaging discussions and an exclusive Q and A session.

3:00pm – 5:00pm – THE SONAR NETWORK BOOTH
Meet & Greet with Peter Madrigal at the Sonar Podcast Network booth in the Community Zone. Bring your Vanderpump Merch (or anything) for Peter to sign and have the chance to admire that luscious hair from up close!

If you’re still reeling over #Scandoval, you’re not going to want to miss this!

Get your FanExpo passes at https://fanexpocanada.com

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