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Jul 27 2021

S03E03 – Out of the Dark Storytelling w Jillian Welsh

Five Things

S03E03 – Out of the Dark Storytelling w Jillian Welsh

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Out of the Dark: a storytelling show, where everyday people bring their real life stories, into the light. Each week three different storytellers tackle a new theme and share vulnerable, embarrassing and often downright hilarious stories from their real lives. Hosted by comedian and storyteller Jillian Welsh (This American Life, RISK!, CBC’s Love Me) You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and the next week you’ll be back for more.

This week’s episode features Hisham Kelati, Carson Pinch, and Marsha Shandur telling stories about near death experiences.

Instagram: @baddogtheatre

Twitter: @baddogtheatre

Website: www.baddogtheatre.com

Donate At: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/61119

Hosted By:

Jillian Welsh (She/Her): @jillianlwelsh


Hisham Kelati (He/Him): @hishamkelati
Carson Pinch (He/Him): @carsonpinch
Marsha Shandur (She/Her): @yesyesmarsha

Technical Direction by:

Connor Low (He/Him)

Recorded on June 1st, 2021

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