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The Belief It Or Not Podcast

In this podcast we explore movements, sects, or interesting things about the world of religion. We aren't historians we just google it and talk about it.
Jan 19 2020

Ep. 46 – Missions

The Belief It Or Not Podcast

Ep. 46 – Missions

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In this episode we discuss missions trips. We talk about the history of missions, some of the more famous missionaries, we discuss how the short term missions evolved.

We also talk about the harm they cause to local economies, the dangers of the white saviour complex, why your missions trip instagram photos are problematic, and other things that are harmful about it.

As always we are not experts, we just google this stuff.

Hosted by Trevor Poelman and Damien Doepping

Special thanks to Chris Sandiford for letting us use a clip from his stand up. Follow him at https://twitter.com/ohchris

For more info and our references check out https://beliefitornot.wordpress.com/

Also follow us on twitter @beliefitornot, instagram @beliefitornotpodcast, or facebook https://www.facebook.com/beliefitornot/

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Through video essays and the bi-weekly podcast Belief it or Not discusses religion from the point of view of someone who grew up in the evangelical world and eventually found his way out. The podcast explores historical events and topics, and specific sects and movements while the video essays dive deep into topics relating to leaving faith and letting people know that it is okay to ask questions.

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