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Apr 03 2023

S03E10: Being Yourself with Inessa Frantowski

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Bites and Bits

S03E10: Being Yourself with Inessa Frantowski

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Comedian and Gemini Award winner Inessa Frantowski (The Amazing Gayl Pile, The Second City) joins Mat and Hisham for a taco trio from El Zarappe and Mikey’s Taco Joint. In our season 3 finale Hish is forced to eat vicariously through Mat and Inessa when his tacos mysteriously disappear. Mat gets the details on Hish’s food plans for his Italy trip. Inessa dishes on her time as a scientific cookie taster and the heated debate if a taco is a sandwich is reignited. Inessa is faced with her greatest cooking challenge during our game segment and shares why she focused on standup and solo character pieces after her move to LA. Inessa reveals her dream show to pitch and star in!

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Hosted By:
Mat Mailandt


Hisham Kelati

Produced By:
Erin Conway

Music and Editing By:
Ryan Sheedy

Segment Writer:
Antony Hall

Brought to you By: The Sonar Network

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