Oct 29 2020

Act I Chapter II “An Elf and a Dwarf Walk Into a Bar”

Dwarven Moss

Act I Chapter II “An Elf and a Dwarf Walk Into a Bar”

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Boren and Wendle wander the sobbing streets of The Village of Barovia and come across a dwelling more lit than most – The Blood on the Vine Tavern. There they meet a man named Ismark Kolyanovich who tells them that his adopted sister Ireena is under some sort of spell cast by the Dark Prince Strahd and that he needs the party’s help to flee her from the village to safety. However, Ireena refuses to leave her hometown unless her recently deceased Father is buried and his soul is laid to rest. When they arrive at the Church, they encounter a distraught Father Donavich desperately trying to pray away his son Doru’s dire condition, but Doru is too far gone. Having turned into a vampire spawn he attacks Wendle and Boren in the church’s undercroft but is slain by the end of the melee. The party continues to search for answers.

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