Mar 23 2022

Dwarven Moss ‘LIVE’ @ Comicon Toronto

Dwarven Moss

Dwarven Moss ‘LIVE’ @ Comicon Toronto

01:08:29 Download (157MB)

In celebration of our Season premiere of Act II, Dwarven Moss recorded a very special “LIVE” episode at Comicon Toronto that weaves together season 1 and 2! This episode technically acts as standalone moment within our Curse of Strahd podcast series. Perhaps, even as a side quest if you will? We’ll let you decide… That said, the tale told adds a rich layer to the Wendle and Boren saga as it explores how broadly Strahd’s mind permeates and controls the land of Barovia, and just how deep his ego and paranoia has spread throughout his own being. Strahd is the ancient, he is the land.

This event wouldn’t have been possible without the Sonar Network.

(Full video available on our YouTube.com/dwarvenmoss)

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