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Aug 31 2023

E109: Evil Men LIVE! ft. Kelsey Grammer

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Evil Men

E109: Evil Men LIVE! ft. Kelsey Grammer

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This week’s episode is a very special recording of Evil Men LIVE! from Toronto’s Paradise Theatre on August 24, 2023. On that wonderful evening, James, Chris and Michael delighted the crowd by delving into the life of actor Kelsey Grammer, famous for playing characters such as Dr. Frasier Crane and… Hank.

But this wasn’t just a regular episode! After a terrifying visit from the Phantom of the Theatre (Aaron Eves), a few genuine evil men even joined the fellas on stage! Namely Canadian grocery villain Galen Weston Jr. (Ben Stager) and Vlad the Impaler (Seán Cullen). Enjoy!

Extra special thanks to the always hilarious Jackie Pirico for hosting the show, Isaac Winter for portraying the Evilometer so beautifully, Sooz Kempner for designing a still from the Kelsey Grammer sex tape, and to Stephan MacLeod for recording everything so nicely.


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