Finders Grievers

Finders Grievers is a podcast about the people we have lost, and the lessons we have picked up along the way.
Mar 17 2022

Episode 01. A Manifesto for Healing (with Robbie Ahmed)

This week, Shohana sits down with writer and musician Robbie Ahmen to discuss navigating grief, queerness, and a radical manifesto for healing. Follow Finders Grievers on Instagram & Twitter @findersgrievers
Finders Grievers

Episode 01. A Manifesto for Healing (with Robbie Ahmed)

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About Finders Grievers

“Finders Grievers” is a podcast about grief, discussing the people we have lost, and the lessons we have picked up along the way. It’s an attempt to unpack the universally felt – rarely discussed – experience of grieving. Each week, host Shohana Sharmin will be sitting down with a guest – writers, comedians, artists – to discuss love, loss, and everything in between. Sometimes they’ll laugh, sometimes they’ll cry a little bit. Both are allowed. Being a full human experiencing the full range of human emotions? Very much allowed here.


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