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Happy Good with Chris Locke

A positively silly podcast to make you feel happy and good about yourself.
Dec 14 2020

Episode 35: Live at #12DaysOfSonar w/ Jackie Pirico

Happy Good with Chris Locke

Episode 35: Live at #12DaysOfSonar w/ Jackie Pirico

00:59:31 Download (48MB)

This week Chris is back LIVE with an episode he recorded on for the Sonar Network’s #12DaysOfSonar. Stick around for a BONUS interview after the episode with the great Jackie Pirico!

Check out more of the #12DaysOfSonar event at 12.thesonarnetwork.com

You can watch the full video of this recording including the interview with Jackie here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek87o_tHGDQ

For more content linke this, subscribe to The Sonar network on YouTube at: youtube.thesonarnetwork.com!

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Hosted By:

Chris Locke: @ChrisLockeWorld

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  • Jackie Pirico

    Jackie Pirico is a Guelph-born, Toronto-based comedian who's part of the comedy collective Laugh Sabbath. Self-proclaimed pet journalist, Jackie makes...

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