Happy to See Me with Erika Casupanan

Erika Casupanan, the winner of CBS’ Survivor 41, puts the spotlight on the overlooked and underestimated.
Jun 26 2023

Madelyn Chung is changing the way we see Asian women

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Happy to See Me with Erika Casupanan

Madelyn Chung is changing the way we see Asian women

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Hearing too many “innocent” Asian jokes growing up propelled Madelyn Chung into a career dedicated to uplifting others. Madelyn is the founder of the RepresentASIAN Project, a psychotherapist and journalist. She talks about the harmful effects of underrepresentation, what she’s doing to address it and the evolution of Asian stories in pop culture. Plus, she gets vulnerable about mental health and the pressure to represent the Asian diaspora during AAPI month.

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