Happy to See Me with Erika Casupanan

Erika Casupanan, the winner of CBS’ Survivor 41, puts the spotlight on the overlooked and underestimated.
Nov 27 2023

Tackling the immigrant money scarcity mindset with Parween Mander

Happy to See Me with Erika Casupanan

Tackling the immigrant money scarcity mindset with Parween Mander

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Traditional personal finance advice often overlooks the experience of growing up in an immigrant household. This week, financial counsellor and Trauma of Money facilitator Parween Mander talks about how the personal money story we tell ourselves, especially as women of colour, can hold us back from building wealth. Parween talks about how our childhood experiences with money create emotions that can hold back our money management and she shares strategies for rewriting our money stories starting today.

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