Look, HUNKS is a sketch comedy group from Winnipeg, got it? And they made a podcast about it, alright? It’s four friends and usually a guest.
Jun 16 2023

HUNKS Podcast Finale Part 2

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HUNKS Podcast Finale Part 2

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It’s finally here! The LAST EVER EPISODE OF THE HUNKS PODCAST! We’ve spent the last eight years shitting down your ear holes and now it’s time we say “fuckin’ see ya!” But don’t worry, we’ve got a very special final episode for you, where we say a bunch of things that ensure we stay gone.

Whatever your next question is, the answer is “yes”.

Thanks to The Sonar Podcast Network for delivering these podcast episodes to you like so many flaming bags of shit. We had a blast making most episodes of this dumb, dumb show. So dumb.

Anyway, we’re all off to pursue our own solo careers. Tim: florist. Dana: grave digger. Rory: ride operator. Matt: bazooka inspector.

The end of this ep gets a little weepy, so we suggest listening on 2X speed, and Matt is quite high for the script reading. Everything else was planned that way.

Don’t follow us.


P.S. Oops, I typed “P.S.”, now I need to write some extra stuff.

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