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Jul 11 2022

The Untold Story of Amanda Bynes w/ KP Parker

It’s Become a Whole Thing

The Untold Story of Amanda Bynes w/ KP Parker

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Emily and KP Parker sit down to discuss the life and legacy of Amanda Bynes from her start at age 7, to her retirement to now. This conversation goes beyond the results you get when you Google her name and on to a deeper conversation about the way we talk about stars and their legacy vs. mental health. Why do we treat child stars like they’re meant to be frozen in time? Why is so much of the conversation about wearing wigs and getting tattoos when these are things that happen when people are young and finding themselves? Not to mention that male celebrities do this every day without anyone looking twice. Today’s conversation centers around why we’ve chosen certain elements to focus on and the parts of her life and work that don’t get talked about.

(0:00) – (23:04) Chitchat
(23:05) Amanda Bynes talk

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