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Oct 17 2022

Money Feels & Obsession with Celebrity Finances w/ Bridget Casey

It’s Become a Whole Thing

Money Feels & Obsession with Celebrity Finances w/ Bridget Casey

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What does our obsession with celebrities and pop culture have to do with our personal relationship to money? Financial expert Bridget Casey is here to answer that along with a lot more. Emily & Bridget discuss the ways that recessions affect the movies and shows that are made, why we can’t stop fixating on celebrity’s opulence and gives some easy, personal finance tips for people that are stressed and don’t know where to begin.

Her podcast Money Feels launches October 20th!

7:45 – Welcome Bridget! How she built a career out of shame-free money advice and letting you know that the lattes you buy aren’t the problem
19:44 – Celebrities and Wealth
28:08 – The surprising answer to the question, does money buy you happiness?
34:10 – Oprah’s Favourite Things
38:47 – Pre & Post 2008 Recession Movies
48:30 – Financial Advice for Beginners

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This week’s episode: Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton out Wednesday

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