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Oct 24 2022

2000s Tomboys, Cool Girls & Other Tropes w/ Laura Danger

It’s Become a Whole Thing

2000s Tomboys, Cool Girls & Other Tropes w/ Laura Danger

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Laura Danger from That Darn Chat is back to talk about the weirdness of pop culture tropes that defined the 2000s: the tomboy, alt-girl, and the definition of a cool girl. We check in on some favs of the 2000s currently making a resurgence to varying degrees of success; Tara Reid, Madonna and Lindsay Lohan.

7:07 – Welcome back Laura!
15:02 – Intro to 2000s tropes & archetypes
24:07 – The tomboy/alt-girl
37:51 – The diagnosis we’d give the Manic Pixie Dream Girl
44:31 – Movies/TV then vs. now
1:01:45 – Tara Reid & Madonna
1:11:11 – Lindsay Lohan & the Lohanaissance

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