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Nov 07 2022

Celebrity Charity Scams w/ Ready to Be Petty

It’s Become a Whole Thing

Celebrity Charity Scams w/ Ready to Be Petty

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We’re here to talk about the worst kinds of scammers: celebrities that have all the access to fame and fortune, yet still go through with creating a bogus charity. The damages range from little to no money going to the intended cause to displacing a whole village for a school that never gets built.

6:18 – Welcome Torry
14:08 – Intro to celebrity charity scams
19:12 – Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom’s “Cathy’s Kids”
27:27 – Kim Kardashians bogus Ebay charity
38:54 – Madonna “Raising Malawi”
45:21 – Wyclef Jean “Yele Haiti”
52:40 – Lady Gaga “Born This Way Foundation”

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