It’s Become a Whole Thing

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Mar 07 2023

Love is Blind Season 3: The Worst of the Worst w/Jayda Hope of Girl, You Haven’t Heard?? Podcast

It’s Become a Whole Thing

Love is Blind Season 3: The Worst of the Worst w/Jayda Hope of Girl, You Haven’t Heard?? Podcast

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We’re joined by Jayda hope to discuss the downward spiral of Love is Blind: from the hopeful premise of season one’s “love beyond looks” to the dumpster fire that was season 3’s Love is Blind.We dissect the most shocking moments between each couple and the often spellbinding and troubling themes that this show and reality tv is now prone to showcasing. We discuss the drama of After the Altar and what they’ve been up to in the months since the show which, in the case of SK & Raven was cheating, and in the case of Alexa & Brennon an alleged scary past coming out.   Pre-order my book of journal prompts and vent your frustrations with The Stuff I Hate Journal   Patreon 2 episodes this week: a hot topics roundup and an emergency Vanderpump Rules broadcast Sign up here  to support the pod & get an extra episode (or two) every week for $5/month.  10% of monthly proceeds go to prison reform & rehabilitation organization Homeboy Industries   Follow Jayda Hope: Girl, You Haven’t Heard?? Podcast Patreon: Informative Black History & True Crime TikTok   Follow Emily Rose: instagram.com/itsbecomeawholething@itsbecomeawholething on Tiktok

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