In a world where pet robots run our lives, a simple mission to find a spare part ends in a tinkerer uncovering a secret that could blow up the whole damn planet.
Feb 09 2022

Episode 3: Analytics


Episode 3: Analytics

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Fenton Kwan revolutionized power with the Kuju, an adorable robot pal that is also a radiant nuclear energy source. But when Kwan and his factories disappeared without warning, humanity was left scrambling to keep the lights on.

In Episode 3: Analytics, Ying tracks down Dr. Ellie Gagnon, a brilliant nuclear physicist and Kwan stan trying hard to solve the Kuju power crisis. A lack of support and a particularly brutal television appearance have left Dr. Gagnon beaten down, but Ying has something to offer the jaded physicist. As it turns out, opening up Cheeseburger also opens up a can of very dangerous worms.

Performed by Basel Daoud, Kira Hall, Jonathan Ho, Sarah Kolasky, Scott Law, Samantha Wan, Andres Wong, and Denise Yuen
Directed by Andres Wong
Written by Samuel Smith, with Becca Friesen, Kira Hall, Mitchell Rathgeb, and Andres Wong
Audio by Ian Geldart, Mitchell Rathgeb, and Ryan Couldrey
Kwantum theme by Mitchell Rathgeb
Produced by Kira Hall and Andres Wong for Highly Scientific Productions
Kwantum is created by Andres Wong

Kwantum was produced with the generous support of ACTRA Toronto.

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