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The Landlord and Tenant Podmess

The only podcast with the guts to ask the question: can a landlord and tenant be buddies?
Dec 31 2020

A Look Back at the 2020 Election with Bryn Pottie!

The Landlord and Tenant Podmess

A Look Back at the 2020 Election with Bryn Pottie!

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Hi. So much happened in 2020 that it’s almost crazy. But the story that dominated the headlines this year was the Lunenburg, Nova Scotia mayoral race in October. It wasn’t just the story of municipal politicians Matt Risser and John McGee—it was a high stakes drama about ambition, power, town criers, horses destroying private property, cruel nicknames and a man who’s rumored to have masturbated in a book store.

This week, we’ve attempted to recreate the excitement of the Lunenburg election by putting together all the dispatches sent in from our east coast correspondent Bryn Pottie, who was on the ground in Lunenburg during the mayoral race.

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