One Dollar Words

An interview/game show where guests can win or lose up to $5.
Feb 28 2024

Garon Cockrell

Explicit Content
One Dollar Words

Garon Cockrell

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Welcome to 1 Dollar Words, a brand new podcast from The Sonar Network.
Today’s guest – podcast producer and screenwriter Garon Cockrell
Podcast interviews are way more exciting with some money where those mouths are. Host Nug Nahrgang and his guest are each given secret lists of 5 random words. During the interview, for each secret word the guest gets Nug to say, they win $1. But Nug gets $1 back for each word on his list he gets the guest to say! Will the guest win $5? Will they owe Nug $5? What the hell will this interview sound like?! Listen along as we play – 1 DOLLAR WORDS!
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