One Dollar Words

An interview/game show where guests can win or lose up to $5.
Nov 29 2023

RJ City

Explicit Content
One Dollar Words

RJ City

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Welcome to 1 Dollar Words, a brand new podcast from The Sonar Network.

Today’s guest – AEW Wrestling Personality RJ City

Podcast interviews are way more exciting with some money where those mouths are. Host Nug Nahrgang and his guest are each given secret lists of 5 random words. During the interview, for each secret word the guest gets Nug to say, they win $1. But Nug gets $1 back for each word on his list he gets the guest to say! Will the guest win $5? Will they owe Nug $5? What the hell will this interview sound like?! Listen along as we play – 1 DOLLAR WORDS!

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