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Abbas Wahab

Abbas Wahab is a Sudanese-born, Canadian comedian, actor, and writer. Having immigrated to Canada at age six, he has since served with the Canadian Naval reserves, and after completing an engineering degree, moved to Detroit, MI. Wahab got his start to performing stand-up while in the Motor City, beginning a duel-life of engineering by day and comedy by night. After Detroit, Wahab spent a year working in Silicone Valley, where he spent his nights immersed in the famed San Francisco comedy scene. In 2018 he decided to abandon his engineering career, and move back to Canada to focus on stand-up . He has since become the creator and host of a weekly podcast, The Immigrant Section. He can be found honing his act nightly in the Toronto Comedy Scene, or you may recognize him as "the black guy in that one commercial.

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  • Aug 23 2020

    Abbas Wahab

    This week, Erin chats with the hilarious host of the new Sonar podcast The Immigrant Section, Abbas Wahab. Listen along as they talk about selling feet pics, voicing audio erotica, and of course, Abbas' awesome pod.
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  • Jul 27 2020

    Ep. 247 – Abbas Wahab

    The Spooky Luxury
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