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  • Jun 28 2020

    S1E130 All the Aisha Parts

    Aisha Alfa returns once again to significantly increase the IQ of our podcast. We talk about Aisha's new album "All the Parts", motherhood, anxiety, and Matt's butt. And we end it all with another round of Two Truths and a...
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  • Jan 08 2018

    S1E101 Aisha Alfa Goes Hollywood

    Get ready to write an angry letter at us. We reeeeaaaally scrape the bottom of our knowledge barrel on topics like Kwanza and sports pretty fast.
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  • Oct 30 2015

    Aisha Alfa

    Our first guest is none other than stand-up comedian and actor extraordinaire, Aisha Alfa! We discuss her path in comedy, how to pronounce 'Detroit' and moving to ELLLL AYYYY.
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