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  • Aug 26 2020

    Episode 57 – Cars w/ Ajahnis Charley

    We watch the Pixar "classic" and have some real questions about the universe with the delight that is Ajahnis Charley. Then all the audio went wrong so like out of the total 2.5 hours of recording I had like an...
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  • Aug 18 2020

    The Diner – LIVE

    Recorded June 22nd 2020, LIVE on Bad Dog Comedy TV's Youtube channel. Bliss (Ajahnis Charley) and Barb (Chelsea Larkin) are two pals who lament singledom.
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  • Feb 15 2019

    Ajahnis Charley, Mark Heeney, And Marie Chauffeur

    Music store owners Jack Long, and Jack McQuade (Mark Heeney and Ajahnis Charley) find long time employee Phil Forte dead, and turned in to a beautiful banjo. Suspects range in age from teen to old man, and musician/Chauffeur Marie Chauffeur...
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