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Alastair Forbes

Alastair Forbes is a Second City Mainstage Alumni, Dora Award nominee and two-time nominee for the Canadian Comedy Awards Best Male Improvisor. You may have seen him on your TV (Insecurity and The Ron James Show, CBC's The Bridge, CTV's Breakout Kings, A&E's That's so Weird, YTV) on your big screen (My Ex Ex) on your stage near you (Theatre by the Bay, Thousand Islands Playhouse, Centaur) or have seen his voice on your radio (Go!, CBC Radio One). He has written for YTV's That's So Weird and is a story editor on a CTV development project Matt and Jeff. Oh, and yes, he's probably that guy from that commercial you saw. You can catch him almost every week performing at the Comedy Bar or with his critically acclaimed improv troupe Bonspiel!

Appeared on

  • May 17 2022

    Chapter 15. Great Lighthouse Disasters, or: Lead Belly

    Alastair Forbes is here for stories about lighthouses! Specifically, stories about lighthouse disasters. We'll also hear a bit about John Smeaton, the first ever civil engineer... but mainly we're talking lighthouses failing.
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  • Apr 18 2022

    S02E05: Humility with Alastair Forbes

    Comedian and disc golf expert Alastair Forbes joins Mat and Hisham for Thai food from Imm Thai Kitchen. The three talk about spicy food, roasting their loved ones and things get nerdy with one of our best game segments of...
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  • Sep 06 2021

    Ep. 300.2 – Alastair Forbes, Nadine Djoury and Eric Andrews

    Today on Spooked! We continue the 6 year celebration! So grab some candy, get the headphones handy, and get ready to get Spooked!
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  • Jul 26 2021

    Chapter 3. The Longest Tunnel in the World, or: Don’t Worry, the Hospice is Just Around the Corner

    Comedian Alastair Forbes could not be more disappointed to be on an episode about tunnels, but sticks around anyway for a whirlwind tour of 19th-century Switzerland - replete with St. Bernards, fashionable hats, serving wenches and many dead horses.
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  • Jul 16 2021

    Alastair Forbes and Tonky Wonk

    Caricature artist Petely Toppins (Alastair Forbes) finds his model deceased during a summer fair. He examines the grilled picture from the day, his Australian-Irish-English heritage, and discusses exactly who would be the anchor chief on a boat.
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  • Feb 21 2020

    Alastair Forbes And Lance

    At a closing prison, only a few people remain incarcerated when their warden is found "fried". His son (Alastair Forbes) has been working on the case for years, and has some issues with the police's original investigation.
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  • Nov 27 2018

    Urban Survivalist Alastair Forbes

    Our guest is urban survivalist Alastair Forbes, who stops by to talk about the end of the world, conspiracy theories and Bryan Adams.
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  • Aug 07 2018

    The Lower Deck

    Terrance (Paul Bates) throws one of his classic parties and Brad (Alastair Forbes) gets taken along for the ride, literally. By the time Brad realizes that Terrance's new boat isn't what he thought it would be, the two "friends" are...
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  • Nov 24 2017

    Alastair Forbes and Freaky Tuesday

    A scientist by the name of Jason DeRosse is found dead at an antarctic base. Resident base detective Gerald Greene (Alastair Forbes) explains Jason's ill-conceived ideas, why he hates him so much, and why he himself is innocent. Gerald's suspicions...
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  • Feb 03 2017

    Alastair Forbes And The Dean

    It's the most inaccessible episode of Killed to Death yet! Established lawyer Chuck Friend (Alastair Forbes) is on to discuss a mystery surrounding many of his friends from law school - the victim, Jason DeRosse, found dead in a glass...
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  • Sep 12 2016

    The 1 Year Anniversary Spooktacular! Pt. 1

    Spooked! is one year old and hey, we got all kinds of amazing people to come on by to help us celebrate! Part One features; Mike Mongiardi, John Richardson, Pete DeCourcy, Kirsty LaPointe, Nick Etherton, Chelsea Jayne Bray, Steffi Didomenicantonio,...
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  • Jun 20 2016

    Ep. 38 Alastair Forbes

    The Spooky Wealth! Today on Spooked! Cody is a famous survivalist, Colin is a famous comedian, Kjartan is a famous woodland critter, Damien is a famous dinosaur, and Alastair Forbes (Sunnyside, Royal Canadian Air Farce) is a famous son. We...
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