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  • Jan 16 2017

    Ep. 67 Nick Nemeroff

    The Spooky Bat Cave. Today on Spooked! Cody is a pest guy, Colin is a bad Russian ripoff, Amanda works on her Eastern European accent, Damien is a big time Russian Celebrity, Kjartan swims in poop, and Nick has to...
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  • Jan 09 2017

    Ep. 66 Amanda Day

    The Spooky Optometrist and Patient Today on Spooked! Kjartan wants to have special needs, Colin almost gets an awkward spanking from a stranger, Damien gasses a butterfly, Amanda Day's (Date Fail) sight prevents her from escaping, and Cody gets bejeweled....
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  • Dec 09 2016

    Amanda Day

    Fellow podcaster Amanda Day (of Date Fail fame) is welcomed to the mic for Episode 55. Listen along as the gals talk about their awkward first times, the terrible messages girls receive on dating websites, and flirting way too hard.
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