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  • Nov 03 2020

    LIVE with The Cast of Second City Toronto!

    A Live Recording of One More Round with Tricia Black on Bad Dog Comedy TV. Over a few beers, Tricia chats with her cast from Second City Toronto, they talk new podcasts, keto diets, being creative in the time of...
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  • Jan 31 2020

    Andrew Bushell And Ike

    A body is discovered in a hedge maze (twice) by Neil Assaf (Andrew Bushell). Canada's biggest maze is filled with several hazards, but none are supposed to be deadly.
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  • Oct 05 2018

    Andrew Bushell And Rhys Naylor

    A college student is found dead in his dorm at the University of Phoenix (Massachusetts campus). Denver Michaels (Andrew Bushell), fellow student and dorm mate, doesn't talk about his personal traumas, and how they may or may not relate to...
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  • Jul 27 2017

    151: Arachnophobia – with Andrew Bushell

    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Arachnophobia” featuring the hilarious Andrew Bushell! Famous Quote: “Go F@#! Yourself!”
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  • Jun 07 2017

    A Week in the Life of an Improv Show

    This week, Rob and Adam go behind the scenes of MANTOWN: The Improvised Frat Party to learn what it takes to produce a sold-out improv show. This episode follows a week of radio diaries from Sharjil Rasool, LeeLee Miller, Noemi...
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  • Sep 16 2016

    Andrew Bushell And That Starf-cker Rob

    Bada Boom, Bada Bing! A face in the sand. Discovered at a dig site by archaeologist Graham Masterson (Andrew Bushell), was Natalie Patterson a victim of sex bracelets, unspeakable acts of pottery, or merely a partygoer who wandered too far...
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