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  • Sep 08 2021

    Ashley Botting

    This week Tricia sits down with comedian, writer and singer Ashley Botting! Over drinks, Tricia and Ashley chat about careers in comedy, musical theatre, and how seeing a man's bum in a live production of Grease made Tricia a lesbian!
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  • Aug 12 2019

    Episode 08 – Raw Water and Hot Pot

    B. Gordon checks in with the Health and Wellness Panel and gets ambushed by Paper Chase. Plus, a story of salad murder.
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  • Aug 06 2019

    Episode 07 – The Future Episode

    A visit from Kirk Buble and the CenTre's Tech Panel. Plus, we talk social media with EarthMouth, and reverse architecture with Dig Down.
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  • Jul 09 2018

    3 – Hook Ups

    Lindsay and her guests share their most notable hook up/ one-night stand experiences and have an in depth discussion about hook up culture. Guests include: Ashley Botting, Freddie Rivas, Shanda Bezic, Briana Templeton and Jillian Welsh.
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  • Mar 13 2017

    Ep. 75 Ashley Botting

    The Spooky Convention Booth Today on Spooked! Clare looks dead, Kristy has brunch, Ashley is unimpressed with her grandson’s fiancé, and Chelsea laughs at someone’s misfortune. It's the last one with our special guest hosts so you better enjoy it...
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  • Mar 03 2017

    138: Finding Nemo – with Ashley Botting (LIVE at Toronto Fringe Festival)

    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Finding Nemo” Recorded LIVE at the Toronto Fringe Festival Featuring the HILARIOUS Ashley Botting!
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  • Dec 21 2016

    Musical Improv (LIVE)

    It's the finale of Season 3! In this episode of The Backline LIVE, a reluctant Adam takes a tour through the world of musical improv with some of Toronto's best musical performers. Along the way he discovers how to sing,...
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  • Aug 20 2015

    Women in Comedy

    This week Rob Norman does his best impression of Ira Glass! It’s an entire episode dedicated to the stories of funny women across North America: Stacey Hallal (Portland), Stacey McGunnigle (Los Angeles), Jan Caruana (Toronto), Ashley Botting (Toronto), Susan Messing...
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