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  • Aug 12 2021

    Episode 07. YOLO (with Ayaka Kinugawa)

    This week, Shohana sits down with musician and comedian Ayaka Kinugawa and they chat about sad Mardi Gras, Drake lyrics, and the meaning of life. Follow Finders Grievers on Instagram & Twitter @findersgrievers
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  • Jan 06 2021

    Ayaka Kinugawa

    This week Tricia sits down with music director and comedian extraordinaire, Ayaka Kinugawa. During the early morning hours, these two pals chat music, perfectionism, and how difficult it is to choose what albums you'd take to a deserted island!
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  • May 31 2019

    Ayaka Kinugawa And Hercules

    Kayaka (Ayaka Kinugawa) is a world traveller, who happened to find her hostel companion dead in a Clamato puddle. Hercules, another traveller, stops in, and Toronto's best breakfast spot is revealed.
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