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Merge Boot, A Survivor Podcast (26)

Merge Boot, A Survivor Podcast
Feb 23 2024 Guest

Season 46 Fantasy Draft!

Joel and Cody are joined by Ryan Quinn and Chris George once again for a full breakdown of the season 46 cast as they do their annual fantasy draft. Who had the best team? who are you looking forward to watching? who is your winner pick? Let us know!
Dec 22 2023 Guest

Season 45- Finale! (Recap) Ft. Chris George

It’s the finale of season 45 and we’re joined once again by Chris George! What did you think of the season? Did the right person win? Let us know!
Sep 25 2023 Guest

Season 45 Fantasy Draft!

Chris George and Ryan Quinn join us once again for our annual fantasy draft. Hear us argue over the potential of the Season 45 cast. Who has the best team? who has the worst? Let us know!
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Spooked! (17)

Dec 24 2023 Guest

Ep. 413 – Chris-Marc 6: on Christ-Mas

The Spooky Lawyer Office
Dec 26 2022 Guest

Ep. 363 – A Chris-Marc Miracle 5: A New Beginning

The Chris-Marc Miracle is back and is now in the 5 timers club.
Dec 20 2021 Guest

Ep. 313 – Miracle on Chris-Marc 4th Street

The Spooky Basement
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