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  • Sep 30 2021

    E15: Dr. Death with Chris James

    Was he a malicious lunatic? Or history’s greatest butterfingers? This week, special guest Chris James (Not Even A Show) joins Chris, Michael and James to assess the disastrous medical career of Christopher Duntsch aka Dr. Death.
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  • Sep 23 2020

    Chris James from Not Even A Show!

    Our guest this week is the scourge of reactionary talk radio hosts everywhere a.k.a. Chris James from Not Even A Show!
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  • Nov 07 2018

    Chris James

    Chris James is an awesome guy. Hilarious comedian from the Vancouver, B.C. scene. He’s been a touring headliner as a stand up, played all the Just For Laughs Festivals, and now has his youtube show Not Even A Show that...
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